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Housing Partnership UK members share a common mission of providing well designed and constructed affordable housing; delivering quality services; supporting and contributing to the development of sustainable communities and the environment. There are a number of formal objectives which have been agreed and these are:
  • Increasing and enhancing knowledge, awareness and understanding of the respective housing systems operating across all members
  • Achieving a better understanding of how common issues, problems and challenges are approached and how these approaches are influenced by the different policy, legislative, cultural and financial contexts applicable to each member
  • Identifying common areas of activity and converging trends in affordable housing systems, where the sharing of experience, expertise and good practice can help contribute to more effective/efficient performance and/or improvements to service quality.
  • Building upon in-person exchanges to facilitate contact, information sharing and the exchange of ideas and potential solutions to challenges the sector faces among participating organisations
  • Identifying opportunities to work together on process-based, policy-oriented and business initiatives, including insurance, group purchasing, and energy efficiency. Setting up specific targets and dates for outcomes.
  • Disseminating learning and other benefits of the exchange to organisations within each country’s housing network not directly participating in the Partnership.