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Image8Housing Partnership UK is working to influence the development and implementation of policies that impact on social housing landlords in the UK. This work aims to assist our Partnership members to explore housing related and organisational issues in depth with a view to strengthening the way Partnership members operate.

Housing Partnership UK facilitates exchanges of information and experiences among its members, fosters collaboration on business practices and the creation of social enterprises. It encourages discussion and shared approaches on policy and organisational structures that impact on the development, operation, and sustainability of social housing.

Working closely with our members and partner organisations, Housing Partnership UK strives to improve the business environment for social housing. We identify barriers to the growth and improvement of performance, advise members and other interested parties on practical solutions, develop position papers, inform consultations and host policy events.

Our activities cover five principal areas of activity:

  • Business transformation
  • Organisational change
  • Changing funding patterns
  • Sustainability
  • Built environment