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Access to education is a lifelong facility available to everyone in the UK and contributes not only to the employment prospects of those who avail themselves of that facility but also to the quality and enjoyment of their life. Schools are often at the centre of communities in which housing associations play an important part and so the creation of links, joint recognition of local needs and working together to satisfy those needs is part of the community development role for many associations.

Further education is available online as well as in colleges and other institutions. Some housing associations have made links with universities to provide distance learning courses for tenants who have particular needs such as those who are not fluent in English.

The distinction between education and training is sometimes a fine one. Many associations provide or contribute to schemes which provide people in their communities with vocational training for specific fields of work. All of our members have a strong focus on training their staff to obtain skills and qualifications to enhance their career path and provide greater professionalisation.