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Image4Membership of Housing Partnership UK (HPUK) is by invitation only, however, HPUK may invite or second individuals or organisations who, through their participation may be able to drive initiatives and developments forward.

Full Membership of HPUK is personal to individuals who must be a Chief Executive of a housing association operating in the United Kingdom.

Full Membership of HPUK is restricted to a maximum of 30 organisations. Prospective members whose admittance would exceed that number will be placed on a waiting list.

Members and potential members must acknowledge and demonstrate a commitment to participation and co-operation in pursuit of the objectives of HPUK.

Membership is subject to review by the Partnership Steering Group and renewal may be refused if a member has been consistently absent from meetings and/or have not involved themselves or their members of their organisation in work groups or pieces of research being undertaken by or on behalf of HPUK.

The admittance of a new member must be proposed by a member and supported by a majority of the members and can be granted by the Steering Group after consultation but normally at a meeting of the Steering Group to be held at regular intervals when all outstanding proposals will be considered.

Individuals from non housing providing organisations may be co-opted into membership upon the recommendation of a member and the approval of the Full Members.

Co-option will normally be undertaken in order to provide an ongoing link with an organisation (such as CIH) or time limited participation by an individual or institution providing input or partnership in respect of work or research of interest to HPUK.

Potential Co-optees must have demonstrated and be prepared to commit to participation in the intellectual debate with particular regard to the development and improvement of social infrastructure and the achievement of social and economic inclusion or any other areas of importance identified by the membership from time to time.