IHP Leadership Exchange 2015

Housing Partnership UK is looking forward to being part of the forthcoming annual exchange with our International Housing Partnership (IHP) colleagues from Australia, Canada and the USA.

This leadership exchange takes place at a time when in this country we are still working out how our sector is going to re-position itself in response to the significant changes proposed by the Government that are expected to have a profound impact on our operating environment.

Engaging with our international colleagues provides an opportunity to reflect on our own situation against a background where they are meeting similar challenges in different systems and environments. It will be particularly interesting to discuss how for instance Low Income Tax Credits operate in the USA and the implications for organisations in Canada and Australia where central government have devolved funding and housing policy responsibility to state and provincial level. Shades of things to come here?

The week long exchange starts with a visit to the MacArthur foundation who are  major funders of housing and other community investments. They are also major sponsors of the exchange.

What happened to altruistic investment in the UK and why is it so prominent elsewhere?

The annual leadership exchange takes place in Chicago, USA, between  5  and 9 October 2015 in Chicago, USA

Tony Cotter
Housing Partnership UK co-ordinator